What happened since Season 1?

Season 3 now already, crazy.
Someone interested to tell me what happened since season one, i.e. significant changes, history?

If you are wondering what I have been up to, it’s this.


Cool app! Sawtooth has fallen if you haven’t already figured out. Speed for non-scrambler units have been changed. Units have also seen a slight rework, you will see a slight discrepancy between the instructions (this may have been fixed). I think they changed the way your elo is calculated. They added weekly competition as well. Probably missed somethings but this should help

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Welcome back! You might not remember me, I used to be @zigzagninja on this forum. I remember you left right before season 2.
First C1 introduced the new glicko rating system, allowing you to rank up very fast.
In the beginning of season 2 me and @Ryan_Draves where fighting for first spot, and eventually some others joined, for example @paprikadobi and @Clinch, pretty much everyone was using a demux and mazes where completely gone.
@kkroep, who developed the demux everyone was using and @KauffK, the season one champion, where suprisingly missing. The season 2 finals (round robin, same as season 1) consisted of a total of 7 demux-similar strategies, one dynamic by @arnby and two corner attacking strategies. Interestingly enough the final battle was between those two corner attacking strategies and the winner was @quincyc3. As you can see on the season 2 leaderboard, @Ryan_Draves was first in ranking but lost in the round robins.
Season 3 started of with a bunch of rule changes that are listed here:

And my raptor was introduced as a new boss in the playground:

In the middle of season 3 C1 started new weekly ranked competitions, bronze, silver and gold, and they gave terminal a completely new look.
Season 3 is about to end and we will see who wins this one.

By the way, the terminal tools you created broke soon after you left and @Isaac has been taking care of them ever since. @Ryan_Draves sometimes posts your leaderboard matches thread thing:


Thanks @yay784 and @IWannaWin.

Very comprehensive @IWannaWin. I think your algo was called this back then, wasn’t it?

The changes sound really interesting, especially the removal of shield decay, that sounds crazy.
The timing of the season is very unfortunate for me, as these changes require completely new thinking and I will not be able to put in the time to get a good one up and running before the end of the season and after that I will not be able to code for a while.
I saw the redesign and really liked it, especially that it is a lot more welcoming now and the new stats.
In the future, I might try out some algos again, however, I will be a lot less active on the forum if I do so as this was taking up most of the time I spent with Terminal.
Regarding that, it would be very beneficial to have something like a quick changelog with a few bullet points over at terminal.c1games.com. I see the “What’s happening” section, but that is still a bit much and you need to “dive” into the forum.

Thanks a lot for the replies and to the C1 team for these nice changes.

Oh, and I just realized that I had an algo with a rating of 2131 for season 2. I wonder how that happened as I “left” before the start of the season. Congratulations to the top 10!


Algos weren’t removed from season 2 leaderboard so old algos still competed. I think one of the top ten was even an old algo whose elo skyrocketed in the last couple weeks because it countered Demux-like algos, which was almost the entirety of the leaderboards.

Season 3 cleared out old algos.