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I completely agree with this approach, I had something similar in mind. It seems really hard to counter actually. Especially with how cost efficient it is to make openings everywhere, it should be easy to make an encryptor structure that can attack everywhere. So now the question is how powerful rushes and ping cannons are…

I uploaded a hydra like structure in season 3 and Next has a novel defense to build an opposite channel to absorb and redirect the attack away from the corner.


Yeah, that is the reason, why I was only one, who defeated hydra in finals :slight_smile:


To clarify, the changes to the damage were part of the game speed changes. Because units would only take steps every other frame, the two frames where they stayed in the same location would play out very similarly. We doubled damage and speed for all units to ‘skip’ this frame.

The main effect this has on gameplay is reducing the granularity of damage being dealt, meaning units that hit hard like scramblers and destructors will ‘waste’ more damage on overkill. This is, overall, a minor decrease in damage for all units, especially the harder-hitting scramblers and destructors.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear enough in the notes


This goes a bit extreme for the following use cases:

EMS vs Destructor

  • ~70% of the Desruptor dps is wasted
  • Desruptor with the doubled damage and cost does the same damage/kills to EMPs = 2 kills per move

Ping (+ shield 1) vs Desruptor

  • Just with 1 shield, PINGs get “double” the survivability Vs Distrucotrs = 0.5 kills per move

Scrambler vs Desruptor

  • the slowness of the scrambler makes it a good defence unit, but it is extra 50% survivability nurf vs Destrcutors (not factoring the Destructor buff),

Also on the building aspect, you currently get 5 CORES per round,
and you need to intentionally save at least one, to build Destructor (for 6 cores) on next round.
Which is not beginner friendly and requires more advanced logic for the base building, after you spend the initial cores.

I would really like to see the destructor with reworked cost of 5 or less, and scaled down damage,
it does not add much value to be so strong but expensive.

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I’m not sure yet, I’d like to wait and see what designs start coming through.

I personally think this could be quite interesting and make late games less common (which seems to be a common goal/theme for these updates).