Usable languages

So I’ve got a question. What languages can you use to code your Algo? I’m fine coding with Python, however I’m trying to get a friend to join however he doesn’t use Python. Are there any alternative languages besides Python?

I saw on the leader board is says displays a column for languages so it would make sense for there to be several language options, however every Algo I can see on the leader board uses Python. Is that functionally just not added yet?

Any information on the subject would be appreciated.

They are working on supporting Java.


There are also a few languages that compile to Python that would work fine - my current algo is written in Coconut, an extension of Python 3 for better functional programming.
Once they support Java, other JVM languages like Scala, Kotlin, and Clojure will probably work too.


Python is currently the only supported language, and we are working on adding support for more languages. Java is high-priority among the languages we are working on, and we expect to support it soon.