Terminal Community Contributions

Hey Everyone,

A number of users have made some great tools to share with the community, but they are spread randomly on the forum. I’m going to consolidate them here. C1 does not maintain these tools, we just add to this list as they come up

Contributions list:

If I forgot anything, or anyone has an addition they want to add, let me know

bcverdict’s Elo Tracker | Source | Thread | Added 1/25/21
Allows you to see the match history and Elo over time of any algo, given an Algo ID. Has a dark mode, so it is usable by programmers.

Demorf’s Cross Check | Thread | Added 4/28/20
Allows you to simultaniously view all of your algos matches to more easily compare their results against one another.

Iwanawin’s competition viewer | Thread | Added 3/10/20
An intuitive way to view competition matches for Single-Round-Elimination based competitions

Isaac’s replay flipper | Added 4/7/19
Allows you to ‘flip’ the perspective of a replay file, making player into player2

Isaac’s API toolkit | Thread | Added 12/26/18
A starter library for interacting with the Terminal API. Also contains a script to lookup algos based on their name.

kevinbai0’s Map Maker | Source | Thread.
Allows you to place different defensive units in different groups on the map and export their coordinates.

bcverdict’s Algo Analizer | Source | Thread
Allows you to see the match history and Elo over time of any algo, given an Algo ID.
Integrated with 8’s Terminal tools so when you click an algo there, it will take you to their analysis page here.

8’s Terminal Tools | Source | Thread
Allows you to view a graph of the leaderboard over time, as well as some of our other stats
(Now being maintained by Isaac)

Isaac’s replay analysis scripts | Thread
Allow you to view replays locally in a similar way that you would in our playground, view information about a replay, and run multiple matches locally in a conveniant way. These scripts are merged into the ‘contributor’ folder in the Starterkit


8’s Frame info documentation | Added 1/2/18
In season 1, we created a starter kit that handles messaging between the algo and the game engine, and left it to the players/community to parse these messages and handle them themselves if they chose to do so. This documentation can help anyone interested in doing that