Team Display on the Leaderboard

Currently, team algos show up alongside the teams solo algos on the leaderboard. We feel this is awkward and will be changing the behavior in next weeks update:

The only algo that will appear on the leaderboard for any player group of players that is on a team is the best team/solo algo between all players on that team. This will be listed as ‘my best algo’ for all players on the team.

We think this is an improvement over what is in place, but also that there are many similar solutions that are just as reasonable. If anyone has suggestions for how they would prefer this was handled on the leaderboard, or feel that there are issues with the proposed rule, let us know here.

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ok I just joined a team… and this is weard.
We are both uploading algos, mine are with lower ranking, … and don’t list anywhere.
In Season 3 leaderboard I see “my rank” as the team top algo.

Since we made the team mainly for the current team competition, hidding my solo rank from the Global Leaderboard is not very cool.

Is there a way to check for duplicates by algo ID, or uploader ID ?
Or may be just split the global leaderboard to Solo / Team ranking ?
If Teams are considered just for competitions, and not for the global ranking,
it will probably be easier to put them in separate tab:
Season 3 / Season 2 / Season 1 / Teams

Thanks for the feedback. The issue with team algos is that we definetly want them to be integrated into the terminal ranked-game ecosystem, so they can play against other algos. However, this means they are affecting the rating of these algos. Because they are part of this ranked ecosystem, we decided they should be on the leaderboard.

The problem comes in from the fact that many team and solo algos are very similar, and are often represented by the same user icon, which makes it appear to the public as though that user is on the leaderboard twice. In addition, it creates an inconsistency with how we distribute leaderboard based rewards - if a player and their team are in the top 10, who should we promote to the finals? Should we pass over the solo algo and put #11 in? If so, why did we display the solo algo on the leaderboard in the first place.

Additionally, some players play Terminal primarily as a team, and these players need their best team algo to show up.

We considered a number of situations - including the one that you are now in - when reworking the way we integrate teams into the leaderboard last week. We know it’s not perfect, but there are contradictory objectives involved and we think we made a reasonable compromise. We are open to more conversations and feedback, and if a number of users agree with you here, we would consider changing it back.

One hypothetical solution: We could have a toggle to ‘Show Redundant Solo/Team algos’ and ‘Show all algos’ or similar filters/toggles which would let you see the leaderboard the way you want, without affecting the ‘main leaderboard’. There are some leaderboard changes slotted for the next few weeks, I can probably throw it in with those if there is interest.

I think we need a 3rd type of structure,
Where players can create a group, for the Multiplayer experience: Share ideas, give feedback etc.
But do the actual coding, tools, and special strategies as an individual.