Targeting inconsistency

So I was doing some tests to see the behavior of unit targeting in the game, and I believe I found an inconsistency. In the test I simply had 2 groups of EMPs fight each other, 3 EMPs on each side which all 3 EMPs on each team being stacked on top of each other.

In the resulting action phase, when the EMPs meet and begin attacking, the following happens:
(1) On the frame when the EMPs first get in range of each other, they all attack but none of them die.
(2) On the next frame, all the EMPs attack each other again, this time with 1 EMP surviving on each side.
(3) On the last frame, the two remaining EMPs attack each other and both are destroyed.

So first I’d like to talk about frame (1). EMPs have 5 stability each and deal 3 disruption per frame, so a single EMP should die to from a hit from 2 other EMPs. But none of them died, so each EMP must have been hit exactly once, meaning that each EMP targeted a different enemy. This seems slightly inconsistent with the targeting info given in the game docs, which seem to imply that the EMPs would target the “oldest” of the 3 enemy targets available, so you would think that on each side 2 EMPs would would target the enemy’s oldest EMP, destroy it, and then the third EMP would attack the next oldest EMP. So after frame (1) you would expect that each side would have 2 EMPs remaining, yet all 3 survive.

The next frame, frame (2), also has an issue though, and arguably worse. On frame (1) all EMPs survived, meaning that all EMPs must have been hit once and so each should have 2 stability remaining. That means that each of them should die to a single hit by another EMP. And we also know that units that have 0 health are not targeted, so each EMP should get hit exactly once and die. However, 1 EMP survives on each side, meaning that only 2 of the EMPs on each side got targeted and one of those two must have been targeted by two of the enemy EMPs, which seems to violate the rule that units with 0 health will not be targeted.

I’ve been able to replicate this test many times all with the same results. Here is a replay of the test, with the issue occurring on frames 48-50: targeting.replay (22.2 KB)

If there’s something I’m missing, I’d appreciate if someone could clarify the misunderstanding for me. Thanks!

I think there is just problem with graphics. On frame (1), there is actually explode effect so some unit had to died, only the number of units isn’t updated. If you check the replay file in text editor after frame (1) one emp dies and second stays with 2 stability, next frame (2) one dies and another stays with 2 stability.


Ahhh that would explain it, thanks!