Suppressing Engine.jar Error File

In the game-configs.json there is an option to not generate replay files, is the same possible in some way with the generated error file? I have set up an environment to run many games over and over, and for some reason, the error file persists even when a game finishes successfully. Should be noted I am not using AlgoCore and gamelib, so it could be something else (the games run fine), maybe sending a string after the end of state?

Also, as a side question, is there a way to input commands directly to the engine.jar, and not by starting a script. I found a workaround for my use case, but it would be faster (which is very important, doing ML training) if I could input commands directly without creating an algo, so to speak.

I pulled @C1Junaid in since he handles most engine related stuff and is the one that implemented all these features. He’s probably the best person to talk to about this

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We used to have an ascii interface but it was deprecated :confused:.

Not sure why your error file is persisting, there is a delete command that should run when the game ends normally. It could be because the algo closes itself before the game has a chance to close it and it somehow affects deleting the file?

If its that big of an issue I could look into it because its not intended behavior.

It’s not a huge deal, and it’s probably because I close the game first. Essentially what I am doing is training an algo and so I need to interface with the algo after it has been created. The training script is what starts the match, so it probably closes it first since it waits for the match to end, but gets that state from the algo.

Long story short, its not a big deal.

As for the ascii interface, that’s too bad, but I guess I can probably just hack my simulator kind of like Ryan did, but no rush since it works for now. Thanks for the info :).

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