Stealing algo from any team

Would anyone believe me if I would say if anyone is able to steal an algo from any team?

You mean in the global competition or actually downloading and viewing the code?

downloading and viewing

Jesus really, wow that needs a patch ASAP

so far I can do it only from a team, but I am investigating it further

I mean I can’t say I haven’t tried, but I always failed because for the code you actually needed to be logged in as the user. (Different than e.g playing any algo on the leaderboard in the playground where you can just change the algo ID) haven’t checked on teams though I guess. But since I’m not very good at webdevelopment you probably will be more successful.

well it is not as trivial as just changing the id. it requires way more steps. I dont think I should disclose it publicly. @C1Ryan can you please ping me once you are available


I would highly advice any one to remove their team algos, until this is resolved.
And also to remind every one that such action (obtaining other players code)
even in “testing and experimenting” context seems againts the platform rules, and can easily lead to your account termination.

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I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t do much (not sure though) as you can download algos that aren’t even uploaded just with the algoID.

@IWannaWin is right. I have just checked with my own algo. If it was uploaded and the removed using the UI then it can still be downloaded using the API. So technically removing team algos could save them as nobody will be able to get the Id, but if the Id is known then I don’t see any way to secure this

As soon as any match was played by the algo then the algo id is findable over the match history. Which means removing the algo makes it just a bit harder to find.

Hey, sorry, looks like I chose the worst possible day to take a week off. Please DM me the steps to reproduce