Self-contradicting [RULES & DOCS]

In the “Turn Structure” Section under ““Restore” Phase” it is said that the players are given 5 cores at the start of each turn. However in the “Resources” Section the said amout is 4.

Furthermore in both “Turn Structure -> “Restore” Phase” and “Resources -> Cores” it is said that 1 damage dealt to the enemy will reward 1 Core. However both “Gameplay Overview -> Information Units” and “Information Units” claim it to be 2 cores per damage done.

Please clear that up, thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the feedback. Things have been very busy with the Codebullet release and some other events we are running, but we should resolve this very soon

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The problem has been resolved on our end, and will be corrected on the User-facing site next time we deploy, likely within ~48 hours. Thanks for your feedback!

The correct rules are:

  • You gain 1 core when a unit successfully scores
  • You gain 4 cores every turn
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