Selecting Algo for Tournament

I have a problem with the Code Bullet Challenge…
If I select my algo I want to compete in the tournament, it will be set there, but if I refresh there stands “Best algo” again, but the algo, I want to use is’nt my best one. Is this only a visual bug, or do I have to remove any other Algos in my list?

I’m not surprised about the confusion. This was answered in buried deep in a different topic:

Part of the trouble the CB competition is how many names are in the table, but your selected algo should be seen there.

First of all, thank you for your quick reply!

Yeah I see my algo and I can select it, sometimes it then says my algos name, but if I refresh the page there stands “Picking your best algo” again

When you find your name in the giant player table lower on the page, what does the “algo” column say? Is it still “No algo selected” or does it have the name of the algo you want competing?

I already tried that, but didnt find my name, but I joined the competition days ago… As well there stands “joined” and appears greenish
only my name on the top right appears xD

Instead of “memeToasty” try searching for the “name” you have set for your user.

For example, my row is under “Nate” instead of “n-sanders”

Ctrl + F or F3 work on most browsers to search for strings.
Search for your name there and you should find it easily. (I even find my name twice in the list somehow)

perfect! found it with the correct algorithm. :smiley: sorry for making such a drama!

yeah I tried that, but i had set my first + lastname, so i had to search under that. But thanks for the advice!

Just to re-confirm from an admin, selecting your algo is working, but is visually very unclear. N-sanders statements are correct