Rust algo long time to upload

When I use the provided zipalgo_mac binary on the starter rust algo it gets stuck uploading. I can’t find any feedback for what stage of the upload it is at so I am not sure what’s going wrong.

Is ./scripts/zipalgo_mac root_algo_dir the correct format?

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I’m having the same issue. Looks like my rust algo just stays yellow forever?
Maybe the compile time is just really long?

Servers have been working today, so this is probably unrelated to the issues we have been having. Here are some things you could give us that could help us figure out whats wrong.

  • Terminal display name or contact email (found in your profile in the top right corner)
  • Name of algo that is compiling
  • The algo itself that is causing issues (in an email to

Note that if you import a large number of crates it could take more time to compile.

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I made the discovery that it will upload successfully if the name of the directory I zip is not called algo. This is interesting since it is not the case when I use python.