Resetting playground socket

For the Playground like testing tool I use the same Websocket that the original playground uses aswell.

But for my specific use case, I want to simulate multiple variations of the same turn after each other.
As far as I’m aware, there is no possibility to either set an already initialized socket to a specified state or reset the socket state.
The only option I can see right now, is to create a new socket for each simulation (and set the starting state with the first message) which is not ideal but it works. The annoying thing about it is, that each new socket takes about 4 seconds until it can start with the simulation.

@C1Ryan My question is, if there is already a way to set the socket to a given game_state (basically reinitialize the socket) or if something like that could be added?

This seems like something that would not be trivial, and would only benefit a small number of players for now. I’ll throw a ticket on our backlog to come back to this, but unfortunately will not be able to handle this for at least a few weeks.

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Thanks @C1Ryan
Since I already have a workaround (creating a new socket for each simulation) anyway I don’t need it right away or even at all.

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One issue i’m having right now, it that sometimes rgreeter doesn’t like me. :joy:

I’m assuming this is because I am creating to many sockets?? Can you confirm this @C1Ryan?

This message will go out when it fails to establish the connection, which can happen for a huge number of reasons. If it usually works but doesn’t work when you open a large number of connections, it seems likely that that would be the cause of the issue.

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We just organized the backlog today, figuring out our roadmap for after the competition season, and this was cut from our plans as it is a very niche feature and would take significant effort to add. If people rally for this feature, we could do it, but we have a ton of stuff thats a bit higher priority. Just wanted to share so there was closure on this.

I was working around this issue anyway and as it is right now, multiple simulations on the same turn are fast enough. Normally you don’t need to simulate more often than every 5 seconds anyway. Just switching turns takes longer, but that’s a small issue.