Removing anyone's algo is allowed

@C1Ryan I think I should contact you directly and not disclose details about this. I checked if I am able to remove any random algo from the list and I was successful :confused:

if you can, please restore algos with the following Ids: 121228, 121276. I am really sorry for anyone whose algo I removed :confused:

If you need to test this further I uploaded 6 old algos that I explicitly give you permission to test this on so you don’t have to go delete random people’s algo’s. Here are there id’s:

121303, 121304, 121305, 121306, 121307, 121308

If you need more I’ll upload more after you and Ryan delete them and send you their id’s.

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Thank you @Isaac. Please check it. I think it worked as I cannot see you on the leaderboard anymore


Yup, I can confirm that all of those algos have been removed. They are gone on the MyAlgos webpage and also using the query which would indicate that it is not just changing visuals, but they have truly been removed on the back-end.

I uploaded 6 new ones: 121329, 121330, 121331, 121332, 121333, 121336

I noticed you said you can download an ago, and I’d also like to test this,

The last one, 121336 has a comment labeled:

# test message:

Let me know what the message is to confirm you were able to get it, that would be very concerning…

@Isaac I can only do that if both you and the algo belongs to the team. Please create a team (it can contain only you) and upload the algo not as your own but as the team

Hmmm, that’s interesting… I’ve gone ahead a created a team: remove test :) with a single also with the same test message:

Team Name: remove test :)
Algo ID: 121357

Should be clear, but again I am giving you permission for this one algo and the ones I have posted above to download it/remove it, etc for this test.

Also, given:

I’d be interested if you can do this with an algo that has been deleted that is not yours.

You can try it with algo 121359 (same team) which I uploaded and removed.


same message in both algos:

test message: wow! you can read this :smiley:

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Will look into this one as well.