Read from file to load parameter

Hi there,

(I am new in Python)

Is there a way to read from a file uploaded with the zipped algorithm?
I want to load parameters outside of the

Reading from this file works on my local machine but crashes on the server.

This is the code snipped:

import os

path = “algos/my-algo/params/”
if os.path.exists(path+“file.txt”):
f = open(path+“file.txt”, “r”)
content =

Also: I don’t need to create or delete files. Just read the files I uploaded.
The parameter I’d like to use are too many to write them into actual code…


When you zip your algo, you are zipping ‘my-algo’, not the algos folder in starter kit. There is no concept of an ‘algos’ folder on our end, so the os will not find that path.