Question about operating systems

On what operating systems does the local Terminal game run on?

The Terminal engine runs on Java, which is theoretically an OS independent language as long as you have Java installed on your computer. The reason I say theoretically is because there is probably some random OS out there that it has not been designed to be supported on, but you should be fine with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When you install the Java plugin you are basically installing a mini coding world. So when Java code runs on your computer, it isn’t really running on your OS. It is running on the main Java program which is running on your OS. So Java handles all the dirty work of communicating with each respective OS. This is part of why Java became so popular, the same code works on different OS’s without modification, as long as the computer has the correct version of Java installed.

To run a local game of terminal you need:

  • powershell or bash
  • java 10 or above
  • python 3

If your OS can install and run those programs, terminal will run on your OS. Windows 10 comes with powershell, and Windows 7 is compatible with it. Linux comes with bash, and can be installed on Windows if you so desire (like me). Java and python 3 can both run on Windows and ordinary Linux setups, so your good there. In theory you can run bash, Java, and python 3 on an iMac, but it would probably require fiddling with it. The bash and powershell scripts are not too complicated and can be rewritten in other languages if you need to.


One note is that the powershell that comes with windows7 is too outdated and you need to update it for free:

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Seems to be the case. I couldn’t play it with windows 7. But with windows 8 and 10 it did work also on mac I tried to make it work but it was too difficult for me to try and pull off.