Problems running engine.jar

I’m trying to run the local engine to get started making an algo, but I can’t get the jar to run. I’ve installed the latest versions of python and java jdk, but it’s not fixed the issue. Whenever I run the jar, nothing happens at all, not even an error message. Help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Did you try the script or just try to run the jar by itself? The has some examples.

I tried both, neither worked
EDIT, I’ve managed to get it working now.

I’m having the same problem, could you tell how you fixed it? @CynicMods

I am also still having trouble getting it to work. Could you please tell me how you got it to work?

The team will best be able to help you if you include the error report you recieve, the command you used, and anything else about your proccess.

In general, make sure you have Java 10, Python3, and have checked out other common issues in the troubleshooting section in the rules/docs