Problem 'replaying' games online

I seem to have some issues with the replay function…
So I can upload my .replay and everything is green and seems to work, but I can’t click on “Watch Replay”… Well, I can but nothing happens…

Any suggestions?
Also, is there a possibility to “test” or replay a game locally with a UI? or is the console all we have? .-.

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It might just be a very large replay file. Try just waiting a minute or two.


I had troubles watching replays in chrome as well and the thing I did to fix it was turn on hardware acceleration in chrome settings. I have no idea if this is the same reason for you or not, I apologise if it doesn’t help.


You can also try doing a hard reload. I had a file that I uploaded and forgot to change the line endings and refreshing the page wasn’t enough, I had to do a hard reload (Ctrl->Shift->R on PC, Cmd->Shift->R on Mac). Those commands only work with Chrome (I think), but according to the Terminal docs Chrome is the only supported browser.

Hopefully, that helps :).


hey, thx for all the help… the .replay still doesn’t work… I guess its some error with the file .-.

anyway, all my newer replays work, so no replay-bug at least :smiley: ^^


If the replay is incomplete it can cause issues (like if you close a running game mid execution).

Anyway, I still would be interested in the second question I asked:

Do any of you have an opinion about that? I mean I don’t always have inet and it sure would make the debugging process easier :smiley: (just an idea) .-.

There is a very ghetto ascii version you can enable if you edit the game-config.json file in starterkit and set printMap to true or something like that (dont have access to computer so cant give exact name of variable but its in the debug section).

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all my newer replays work, so no replay-bug at least :smiley: ^^

I’m having the same issue, did you do anything different to make it work?

Could you send me the replays that didn’t work to ?

We updated the website to handle window’s replays recently that might be why it started working recently, but if its still happening something strange is going on.