Poll: Rating Reset

The state of the terminal Ecosystem is constantly changing, with algos leaving an entering. Because this changing ecosystem will impact algo ratings, it will inherently cause some algo ratings to increase. What this means is that there is essentially a ‘force’ acting on algo ratings other than that algos skill. The same algo can have a significantly different rating based on when it was uploaded.

During the final week or so of the season, algo submissions are locked and the leaderboard is given time to settle. However, algo rating going into this period has some impact on where the score will settle. The only way to guarantee all algos start out on even footing and in the same ecosystem.

If you think it would be beneficial to try this out vote here. This poll is only used to provide feedback, final decisions will be made by the C1 team. Please comment below as well. Note that if we move forward, this will likely be tried out in Season 8, as there is already a significant amount of work planned for Season 7.

  • Reset Rating & Match History
  • Maintain current system
  • Impartial

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  • Fairer: Ensures all algos compete with an even footing going into the final week.


  • Longer downtime between seasons
  • The main season becomes basically just for ‘practice’, only the last week actually matters for the finale
  • It could be a good thing to reward algos that were uploaded and performed consistently for many weeks leading up to the finale

Can we may be move this Season Finale in a standalone tournament, so algos play only against each other? This will work as a rating reset, and will exclude any “ghost accounts”
This way the leaderboard can stay, as a history reference and not be effected much from the Finals.

That makes sense, but would only work after the top 10 is locked in which seems to be the main purpose of the ratings.

I voted indifferent. A reset might result in more accurate ratings, but I don’t think a deserving new algo should have trouble breaking into the top 10 in the current system.