Out of date rules and starter kit config

The starter kit is still in the season 2 game-configs, and the rules explanation is a mixture of both S2 and S3 unit information. Assuming it’s not a sneaky way to vet potential job candidates’ abilities in cutting through conflicting documentation, it could use an update.

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There is no sneakery :slight_smile: The team is just to bussy.
Can you point the specific rules that are incorrect ? This may speed up the process a bit.
And for the starter kit, it is in github, and can be directly edited from the commuity.

Some of them include speed of the units mainly the changes that were implemented from season 2 to 3. I.e destructor cost

Like yay784 says, some of the speed/range descriptions definitely don’t match the live server. However, I can’t find an official config file and don’t have a full simulator running, so I don’t actually know what’s correct for some things!

Here is direct download link for the current config:

The easiest way to get the latest config is to download it from the playground:

I also just submited a pull request, where you can revew the changes line by line:

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Perfect! Much appreciated!

As requested, here are the rules that I noticed being out of date with season 3. If there are going to be consistent rules changes with seasons (or for individual competitions) it may make sense to just sync everything up to one specific config and then slap a warning on the top of the page that these are for season 3 and stats change with the competitions. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to make new images every month. Alternatively, only have images that show the units without stats that will never go out of date.

Gameplay Overview
-Objective - Gif shows S2 units

Turn Structure
-2. “Deploy” Phase - Correctly lists refund as 75% but formula image given uses 0.5*InitialCost
-3. “Action” Phase - Lists shields as decaying, they no longer do. Maybe just add a note saying currently unused?

Information Units
-Attackers - EMP and Scrambler ranges using S2 values
-Ping - Image shows old values
-EMP - Listed in text as having greatest range of all units (no longer true)
-EMP - Image shows old values
-Scrambler - Image shows old values

Firewall Units
-Destructor - Image shows old values

-EMP - Listed in text as having greatest range of all units (no longer true)


Thanks for sorting through everything Colin, i’ll put some time into correcting some this today. I’m considering this a fairly low priority so i’m not going to hot fix it in, it will just move through the regular pipeline.

Since many of you are engineers and may be interested, here is a simple version of what ‘the pipeline’ is:

  • Engineer makes a feature branch and makes and tests their changes until they are happy with it.
  • Another engineer reviews the code, and it is merged into a ‘dev’ branch
  • Weekly, code from ‘dev’ is merged into ‘staging’. This is code that we expect to be published in its current state
  • Weekly, code from staging is merged into master. Master is immediatly deployed to production.

If we notice an issue in staging or production, we create a ‘hot-fix’, and commit a very small piece of code directly into staging or the master branch.

Figured some of you would appreciate the insights.


I made some significant improvements to the Rules and Docs, including all those mentioned by Colin. I know it feels more cool and responsive when something like this gets hot-fixed in immediately, but this one is going through the regular pipeline as mentioned earlier. Expect to see it in a week or two

Feels pretty responsive to me! Thanks again!

About Targeting:
In the rare case that the above logic does not identify a unique unit, the oldest unit will be chosen

Isn’t it the opposite?
In this sandbox replay 6-3-2019-19-49-31.replay (595.6 KB)
I send two scramblers from different locations that have the same path at the end.
On turn 2, I spawn first the scrambler that will be heavily encrypted and then the other one. On turn 3, I do the opposite.
You can see that on turn 2, the heavily encrypted scrambler is targeted second but first on turn 3.

So it seems that the last spawned unit is targeted first?

Thanks, i’ll look into this