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Good morning,

I’m planning on doing a project for my university where the task is to implement and evaluate an AI approach and I’ve been asked to find some AI agents for which the source code or at least the general idea has been published and which i could use for benchmarks.

Has anyone an idea?


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I mean there is the starter algo in the starter kit, but none of bosses in the playground area have been released, for fear that some people would just re-upload them as their algo, I don’t know about this season bosses, but previous season bosses seemed much stronger, than this seasons. There was someone who documented their entire build process and had their algo on github, but c1 requested the source code be taken down to keep the games competitive integrity.

Are you talking about an actual machine learning approach or just a dynamic bot that replies in smart ways by using things like if statements etc.?

Anyway here is an interesting thread about a machine learning approach:

And in case you don’t mean machine learning, I would suggest you have a good look at the documentation and what is possible with the premade functionality. At some point you might want to invest some time into coding an action phase simulator, to simulate outcomes of certain gamestates.

It’s not allowed to actually share code, as this would kind of defeat the point of a competition.
There are however a lot of very interesting forum posts about general ideas if you look around enough.