New player

Hi everyone, I played in a competition at my school yesterday. I’d never heard about the game before, but I’m hooked. Any tips for a new player?

Start codding :slight_smile:

Review the current bosses in the playground, and try to replicate them, then try to make your version better and beat them.

All bosses have something unique and by replicating them you will learn most of the basics.

Also for beginners it helps to optimize versus one enemy at a time.
Trying to fix all mistakes your algo makes in the random matchmaking is like opening the Pandora box

When you have some what good code base, check the tournament records in Twitch for ideas for more strategies.

And don’t forget to name your algo “zero”, or you won’t be first :wink:


Hi thanks for your responses. Are there any videos, guides, or resources I can refer to as well?

We have some highlights of past competitions on our twitch channel, with commentary and insights from one of our best engineers and C1Junaid.

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