New Homepage!

Love it! I really love the new homepage for season 2!

Edit: Is it 50K or 5K, in the competitions list it says 5k, but on the homepage it says 50


Glad you like it!

Season 2 has $50K+ in total prizes, which includes our Terminal Live competition tour, and some new online competitions we’re excited about.

The Online Global Competition (i.e. season-long leaderboard, equivalent of the Season 1 championship last weekend) has $5K in prizes.

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Hey Andrew,

I have two questions about this. First of all, does season 2 take the entire year? And secondly: does the quoted prize pool include the upcoming Waterloo competition that only people from a specific university or region can join? If so, do you have an indication of the approximate figure for global competitions?

If you don’t want to share (yet) that is fine. Just curious.


Season 2 ends on April 30th.

And yes, the total season 2 prize pool includes both online and offline competitions, where some will be region / school specific. We don’t have precise numbers on every competition or prize yet, but trust me there will be tons of reasons to keep playing online. More details to come!

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O wauw! That is way quicker than I anticipated and very exciting news. I thought it would take at least half a year before a new leader-board competition. I like the idea of shorter 3-4 months seasons where people are incentivised to stay on top off their game throughout the weeks and months w.r.t. one big vocal point with a large prize.

If the format of small tournaments is then also adjusted, which you guys have talked about before, I think the competitive format is in a very good place.

I also enjoy the new ELO system. It is is wicked fast in getting a new algo to it’s correct ELO range.
Keep it up! :smile: