New Competition - 200$ in prizes available

Hey everyone,

I created a new competition where you will have a (very small) chance to defeat an Algo that I will be submitting. Like most of our current competitions, it will be a single round elimination bracket. The winner, or the second place player when I win, will receive the 100$ prize. If someone actually manages to knock out my algo, they will also receive a 100$ prize.

You can sign up at

Good luck!


Will your algo be following the same rules of play as everyone else?

This isn’t one of those “boss” battles where the boss gets twice the health/cores/bits or something is it?
(but that does sound like a neat idea for a challenge!)

I will not be doing anything a regular player could not. My only advantage is that i’m going to have a very solid chunk of time to work on it and that I have a lot of experience creating bosses and competition challenges

We do have an internal starterkit with better pathfinding and some more functions, so I have a decent head-start, but I made it so its still 100% my algo