New Bosses, Minor changes

Hey everyone!

The original bosses were created at a time where there were virtually no other algos in the system, and were intentionally designed to be a bit weak to reduce how often they were copied. The bosses were always too weak to make them especially useful for testing, and with the new bosses we have added in C1Junaid’s MadroxFactor and Alderexan’s Algoo54 from the BYOB challenge, the list was getting cramped.

We decided to remove some older very weak bosses and add a few slightly stronger bosses in there place, to try to fill the gap in difficulty between starfish and Madrox. We also re-consolidated our star system.

  • We removed Kraken, Mr.Plinko, Hudson, and Hound Dog
  • We demoted starfish from 3 stars to two
  • We added two new algos which should highlight some aggressive strategies
    – BlackBeard, a ping corner-cannon
    – Hellfire, an encryptor-focused offensive strategy
  • We reduced MadroxFactor and Algoo to 3 stars

We hope that these two new algos will be able to provide some amount of challange for newer players and may be slightly useful for higher players to test their defences.

As a side note, Hellfire is very similar to ActorV6, but was developed in an internal office competition by someone who was unfamiliar with that algo, the similarity is coincidental.


well great… there are now two bosses that can handilly beat my top algo…
Starfish is not the same class as the two new added ones. One of them beat my algo, the other barilly lost. with less than 10 health remaining for me. I guess if you only have three tiers it makes sense though.

How about you guys put the bots on the ladder too? So everybody can see the rating of the bots. That might give a better idea of the strength of the opposing algo. Like what is currently possible with aelgoo and C1junaid.

The new bots are going to simplify testing for sure. I am interested to see how many copies of these two algos will appear on the ladder :stuck_out_tongue:, but it should make it easier for more complex algos to shine, as they can cover most of the main static strategies.


Hellfire has been up for a few days, and is at 1720. Ill upload Blackbeard. You can already bump into Aelgoo and Madrox on the leaderboard.

Im thinking about revamping starfish as a basic sawtooth-esque maze algo so it is competitive with the other bosses in its tier and more useful for testing (I know a lot of people have their own mazes for testing purposes).