Multi Accounting in the Leaderboard


today i saw two different accounts with an algo, which has a slightly different name. I just wanted to know if its allowed to have mulitple accounts, because then you can have a lot more algos to test. But then the limit of 6 algos doesnt make sense. If you could just create a second account.


Let me put it like this: You should not need to (feel the need to) use multiple accounts.

The discussed user is Alwi1878 aka. awilson8487 with KulteraskV2.L.R and KulteraskV2 respectively.

I feel like if people considered this being a problem, the main problem would be based around the fact that this is hardly detectable.

In this case it is very obvious and their playstyles (V2.L.R, V2) are essentially the same.

But you could also enter in multiple algos in the same competition

instead of winning the 5th place, you can win the 5th, 6th, 7th and much more just by uploading the same algo on more accounts :rage:

:disappointed_relieved: Yeah, that’s probably better. But i’d like something for my effort too if I make it to 10th place or so. :sob:


I agree strongly with @Villfuk02 – even if prizes for places lower than first are much smaller, it is satisfying to receive at least something for one’s efforts.

From a business perspective, I also think it drastically improves the positive association of the best players (the winners) with CorrelationsOne. If for instance I were to finish the global competition with an algorithm in 2nd place and receive no recognition for the achievement, I would definitely find myself less likely to want to work with C1 in the future than if there were some kind of 2nd place prize.

Unfortunately, this does make things much more difficult when it comes to the same competitors submitting algorithms on multiple accounts, which I would also say clearly against the spirit of the competition.


I like alot of these points. Ill share this thread with biz and events and let them know people are interested in more equitable reward distributions, I would love to try this in future competitions.

We’re looking into solutions to this. One possible solution – we are in the process of building out our profile features, which will include some additional identifiers like. LinkedIn profile, school email (for those in university), maybe even resume uploads. While not bulletproof, this should make it much easier for us to detect duplicate accounts.

Obviously, the balance here is we don’t want to collect too much data to be intrusive, but we want to collect enough to ensure we’re not getting duped by fake accounts. We welcome any other solution ideas the community might propose.


The issue with that is if someone wants to just make an algo but hasn’t even graduated high school yet, you are limiting those people from being able to try this game out. I think the fact we have Git-Hub authentication is a nice way to limit at least a few duplicate accounts, perhaps email authentication would be the easiest way to do that.

Certainly – and just to clarify, the university email was just an example of a unique identifier. However, a university email would not be required to compete in the global competition. We would absolutely make sure that every person (primary school, high school, college, working professional) has an opportunity to win the prize.


Primary school… I will be very impressed to see someone in 4th grade submit a good, working, algo