Memory issues on macbook

Hi, I’m not sure if it is my, goole’s or yours fault, but after I watch few replays it starts to be more and more laggy and in Activity monitor there is Google chrome helper process which uses about 1.5GB to 2.5GB of memory. I use google chrome only for your website, so it shouldn’t be from any others.

My MacOS version is 10.14
My Google chrome version is 70.0.3538.110

This happened to me a few times a while ago (on Linux), but has since resolved itself, possibly due to a Chromium update. Restarting Chromium fixed it temporarily for me.

I always shutdown the process and then it’s okay for few replays, but then it becomes laggy again

I often experience performance problems with my laptop as well, I just do a hard reload (ctrl->shift->R Win, cmd->shift->R mac) every couple of games which helps me. I believe it has to do with how browsers like to save and cache information, but when there is lots of information (like with a terminal match) that isn’t meant to be saved that’s why it takes a lot of memory.

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This does look like a caching issue. I’ll investigate how we are handling caching and if we are actually using it and see if there is a low cost solution for this on our end.