Maximum encryption

What is the maximum encryption a unit can have?
It is not specified in the rulebook, so I would say it’s infinite.
On the other hand, the circle around the unit has a maximum size.

I think clarification in the rules would be handy.


I realized I misread your post about halfway through doing this, but I decided to finish it anyways. Here is a link to a picture of 112 encryptors, which is the largest number of encryptors a player can place within normal gameplay.

I calculated the total amount of encryption a ping unit would receive every other frame, ie. at every node along its path. This added stability peaks at +639.3, but later falls to 512.8 by the time it enters the opponent’s side of the field. While I don’t believe this specific design maximizes either peak stability or effective stability, hopefully it is fairly close.

Onto your actual question, I believe the maximum encryption a unit can have is practically infinite. From a few different tests I’ve done, units that continue to receive encryption even after the encryption halo stops increasing do appear to survive longer than if they hadn’t received encryption. As far as I know, the halo only stops increasing so it doesn’t become obnoxiously large.


Grimm is correct here but we do see how the halo can cause confusion. Also Grimm that diagram is awsome, im giving you the community helper badge

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Good job man!
It wasn’t what i asked for, but I wasn’t dissapointed either! :smile:

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