Matchmaking slowing down?

Recently I have noticed my newer algos are taking much longer to receive matches. The ‘15 matches or 3 losses’ system that aims to rapidly feed new algos matches doesn’t seem to be occuring, one of my algos stopped at 7 initial matches (all wins). Some of my slightly older algos seem to be affected as well, a 2-day algo of mine has only got about 60 matches so far, where in the past it would be almost at 100 by now. I’m not sure if this is related to the matchmaking problems highlighted in other threads, it could very well be the servers are struggling to keep up with the increased rate of uploads of new algos right before the deadline.

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Experiencing the same, probably due to increasing amount of uploads these last days

same here, uploaded an algo like 3 days ago and it only played around 60 games so far

same problem: my new algo played just 2 matches in the first 2 hours .

I’ll investigate.

It seems extremely likely that the servers are bogged down by a huge number of last day uploads, and can’t keep up with all the first matches that it needs to handle. This means that first matches, which are handled before regular matches, are running at regular speed, and regular matches are not running at all. This is expected, and part of why we are giving the leaderboard time to stabalize, as it will need to chew through a large number of first matches.

I believe first matches are still working, they are just having to ‘wait in line’ behind other first matches, slowing them down significantly.

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