Match Replay orientation breaks local tests with test_aglo_os

Match Replay orientation breaks local tests with test_aglo_os


Is there an easy way to change the match replay orientation my algo to be on the bottom side ?

It is not big deal when watching a match, but I often use the replays to debug locally (using scripts/test_algo_oc)

And if my algo* is on top, the test utility is unusable.

I don’t see a way to fix this other then having a messy script to rewrite the replay and flip it upside down :frowning:

Is it possible to start the debug script from replay, but take the “upper” slot ?

Issues Running the test_algo_mac script

yes think i’ve also had the same issue


I’m going to put this conversation on my list for now, and come back to it next week after the season finale / transition are over


I looked into it, and I don’t think its a change I have time to fit into my schedule anytime soon. However, I did realize users did not have easy access to the code for the script since it comes compiled. I added the below link to the scripts folder README so anyone can modify the script if they want. Hope this helps.


A little while ago I wrote a script to help with this and put the link in a different thread and forgot to add it here. This GitHub script will flip the players in a replay file to at least make it usable.: