Is There a File Size Limit?

I’m wondering if there’s a hard limit to the size of algos when uploading. I was able to upload a 32 MB algo, but I’m having issues with a 36 MB algo where I can’t view it on the playground. It’s gets through the “compiling” phase just fine but I get the “Disconnected” timeout error on the playground when trying to view it.

Edit: I trimmed it down to 22 MB and it started working again. Could be a file size issue (or maybe something else I trimmed out of the zip file).

I’m facing this now as well, but I don’t think there is some explicit size limit. When I’m in the university, where we have very fast internet connection, I can upload file with size of 47 MB. When I’m at home with much worse connection I can’t upload even file with size of 24 MB, so I think there is some time limit for uploading file and if it takes longer then there occurs error.