Is the website down?

Hi there,
I wanted to upload a new algorithm for the Challenge to come in few hours (yes I am a bit late and in a rush) but the website is only a black page for me.
Can anyone access the website or has the same issue as me?

I’m in the exact same situation and was was just about to ask the same thing I think it’s down for everyone.

still black for me


Looking into this now

We were updating. It should be up now.

I’m still hitting intermittent issues on the website.

Try a hard refresh, cmd + shift + r on mac. Or on widows I believe you can open the dev panel and right click the ‘refresh’ button and the hard refresh option will appear

No dice (20 characters)

same here


Mobile view works (even on my desktop browser). And looks fancy!

Works again! Thanks you!

Yup all good now thanks!

Yep, working for me now too. But looks like some logic in the mobile view is confused:

The result is all listed as “L” but the winning algo (mine or the opponent’s) is show oddly enough.

But I love that we get full match history now!

Edit: appears to be last 99 games or so (MazeRunner has 99 in it’s history, NMFF had 98 (and is older))

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We had a big deploy tonight with a bunch of new features (post listing them all will be up soon).

It should be working now, the issues were related to caching.

Sorry for the issue with mobile displaying all matches as losses. We will wait for the Ryan competition to end tonight before deploying again so people aren’t disrupted. So look for an update after midnight or tomorrow.