If your Front end Team ever Got Bored

…, they could do something really exciting with the currently empty grid that is used as the background of the “My Algos” section:

Upon selecting an Algo, the grid could be filled up with an actual defense state of the selected Algo. If that is way too expensive, I could imagine just placing random units, maybe based on elo, on the grid :slight_smile:

The above would be an example for an Algo with about -2 elo.


maybe animating it too would be nice

I like this a lot. Implementing it would probably involve letting it play a spoof game against an algo with infinite health for 10 turns and taking note of where it built. It would take a decent amount of resources to implement but ill put this on my wish-list

This sounds like a good idea, however the hypothetical spoof algorithms should probably build and spawn information a little bit so adaptive algos work correctly. At least one of my algos won’t build anything interesting against a blank opponent.

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Another thing, in the beginning of the “welcome to terminal” there are a bunch of matches running in the background, you could use those in the background as a start.

Plus, just like how the “about” is typed during that section inside of the same video, you could animate the logo in the top left to do the same when you hover your mouse over it