How will the codebullet challenge work?

Given that the codebullet challenge opens in just over an hour, I was wondering how the challenge actually works? Is it simply who has the highest ELO when it opens, because then somebody could join at the last second and do quite well - even if their algo is not very good.

It is winner takes it all and single elimination brackets.

Not everyone starts at round one because there might not be an exactly matching amount of entrants. If there is, below written does not apply.
Therefore, only some randomly selected algos might have to play in round one.

Example: 522 entrants -> 20 play in round one (fiddle here) and then 512 in round two. (round two needs to have a number a matches that is a power of two)

It’s also worth adding that there is no seeding tied to elo. Those who don’t have to fight in the first round will presumably be picked randomly.

So there’s no advantage to having a late entry at the starting 1500 elo.

Just to keep everyone posted, we are planning on streaming the top 8 at 6:30-7:00 EST and releasing the competition rounds periodically today, likely starting around 5.

A link to our stream can be found in the corresponding tab on the competition page

I hate timezones… Or competing in Competitions from other timezones :smiley: . So I have to wait until tomorrow to get my results :frowning: thanks germany

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Haha same here,
was waiting for 8 pm to arrive only to see it’s another 4 hours to wait :smiley:

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Same here (France), don’t know if I will stay up until 1 am to watch the finals.


Ill post a video on the forums, you can watch the competition tommorow if interested and you cant be on for the broadcast


thanks man appreciate it, if it only would be weekend ;D, then even me as a student could stay this long up, but I think that school goes first, so I’m now going to learn for the exam tomorrow. Good night and Good luck all you guys!

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