How to get the stability of an unit

How would I get the stability of a unit given its coordinates?

I’m aware that it’s mentioned in the docs, but I can’t seem to make it work/understand. This is what I’m using but it always returns stability as being 60, even if it’s current stability isn’t.

gamelib.unit.GameUnit(FILTER, config, player_index=None, x=-X, y=-Y)

Doing this gives me IndexError: list index out of range

The key line here: or an empty list if there are no units at the location.
This means you need to check and make sure there is a unit before getting the first one. So:

units = game_state.game_map[x, y]  #units is now a list of all units at that location
if len(units) > 0:    # make sure there are units at that location
     for unit in units:     # loop through all units at that location
         stability = unit.stability    # get that units stability
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then why did you highlight the line above it?

I didn’t… That post wasn’t by me.

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Thanks to both Isaac and and876584635678890. I’ve got it working now.

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