How is computing time calculated?

I noticed high fluctuations when it comes to the computing time displayed for turns.

Locally one player will always “take longer” (much longer) in a mirror match up, e.g. 3ms vs 12ms or 10ms vs 2ms for a complete match even though both did exactly the same.

Online matches seem to vary a lot, even when an algo is doing the same operations every match, which is why I guess that the server is operating at inconsistent speeds.

Is there any insight on causes for this?

Ya we noticed this as well, and increased the time before a time-out a good bit to ensure users weren’t getting time outs when they should not expect to. Ultimately, the only place this comes into play is a turn time-out and a round 99 tiebreaker. Currently, computation time seems to be a ‘ball park estimate’, and we will work to either improve it or change the tiebreaker system soon.