How Far Can i optimize the code?

I’m just wondering is there limits of what I can do to the code?
am I allowed to optimize the characters and make them deal more dmg which I’m sure is restricted but hypothetically if I find a way is it allowed? not saying I’m going to do it just wondering.

I’m going to generalize this question to ‘Is it ok for us to do interact with the game in unintended ways?’ which I will refer to as ‘hacking’

Our objective is to let talented engineers express their skills, and we think think ‘ethical hacking’ is really cool, but don’t want to disrupt our services or give other players a negative experience.

If you find a vulnerability in our design, you can email me at There is a ton of variety in these exploits - how difficult they are to find, how impactful they are, and other factors. Because of this, we will handle them on a case by case basis. We will likely patch these vulnerabilities, but will attempt to show our appreciation in some way for players that help us improve our platform. If the behavior is low-impact and very hard to find, we may even let you continue to use it.