Global replays are not loading

When I want to watch a global replay I only get the loading animation.
Sometimes an error shows up in the console (“Failed to load 304580: undefined” at the startReplay function of game.js)

This occurs whenever I want to watch a replay since yesterday afternoon.

And by the way: why am I loosing ELO while winning most of the matches?

Can you try to watch some of these matches, which are confirmed to be working?

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You can few the wiki page on the Elo system. If you beat a high Elo algo, you get more points than you would for beating a low Elo algo. If you beat a large number of low Elo algos, you will gain few points, but if you lose to a low Elo algo, you will lose a lot of points.

Ultimately, we have seen top algos rise to the top of the Elo system, and have a patch to further improve the system coming in this week. We are pretty happy with the Elo system, but will be investigating matchmaking.

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They are working fine for me too.