Get (active/all) Algo Ids from Player

I think it’s very interesting to see the performance of all algos from top players and therefore I suggest to add the ability to query for all algo ids from any given player.

Something similar to this existing one (with details):
I would like the results to be like that:

Just with the player as a parameter in the path/query somehow.

On the Advanced Leaderboard Site I am using currently the match history of algos to find all the algo ids from top players, but this is not optimal in my opinion and quite slow. Additionally I never now if the algos are still active or not. (I could just guess based on the time of lastMatchmakingAttempt)

Maybe you could also add an option to get algo ids which are not active anymore? (last x algos or so)

Overall this would reduce the amount of api calls needed to visualize this advanced leaderboard and also make it possible to find algos with a lower rating of any player.

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I can look into this for you.

Also sorry it took 4 days to see this, not sure how I missed this post.

The following endpoint will become available sometime in the next week:

With a query param ?team=true/false which can optionally filter out team or solo algos


Thanks @C1Ryan. This is awesome!