Game abrubtly ending error

in the terminal game while trying to form a strategy in hand play against the enemy the game suddenly stops giving an error message ‘you took too long resulting in fatal heath damage’ . Then the game returns to the play game setup page essentially forcing you to start over. I can’t form strategies if the game crashes a few turns in, please fix this. This is the fifth time this has happened and I don’t know what to do about it. I know it’s not because I am taking too long per turn cause I’ve been timing my turns lately and my turns are no longer than 20 seconds at most.

Hey everyone,

This is a recently discovered bug, play by hand does seem to time out unexpectedly for some users. We are working on a fix for this, but for now be aware that your play by hand games may randomly time out.

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Thank you Ryan for being helpful. thisisTheFoxe I don’t appreciate your rude response, I’ve already read the rules and docs twice. I wasn’t demanding anything, I was commenting about a bug in the game. I realize the mode is for testing still the testing shouldn’t timeout randomly when testing right? I do appreciate the time you spent responding to my post however please think about your response more carefully next time so you don’t offend.

We just deployed a bunch of stuff, and play by hand should now be stable. Unless you take more than 30 min for a single turn it shouldn’t timeout anymore. Note though if you are playing hand vs hand you have 30 min for both players per turn. We could increase this number if desired, its just to kick off AFK users.

Thanks so much, I look forward to more stratigizing