Future Competition(s)

Seeing the price money for the Waterloo competition, I am not sure if Terminal will be suitable for individuals afterwards.

I am trying to interpret what you are expressing here.
Are you concerned that the very large (as in, wow!) prize offered at the Waterloo tournament will incentivize teams of high-caliber full-time researchers and engineers to use Terminal algos as an avenue for their AI research/practice? In which case, many users like myself who are just students programming in their spare time would effectively be locked out of the leaderboard and any future competitions in which these “professional” algos are present?
This was my initial reaction and I think I’m getting the same vibes from your post, but I wasn’t sure.
If this is what you meant, then I tend to agree, pending further information about future plans.

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I need to transfer schools rip.


me to, thats a lot of money

I was referring to the same idea :+1:t4:

Maybe we all could team up in case competition would be too brutal next month.

Are alumni eligible to enter contests?

Yes I’m pretty sure they are