Find path after enemy removes their firewalls?

Some algos remove their own units. Those spots might get rebuilt right away or not. I want to use something like find_path_to_edge but assuming the units do get removed. It seems that currently the path assumes they get rebuilt, even though the icons for removal are there. How do I get the pathing function to assume they are removed? What steps would I need to take?

(feedback side note. I think this should be the default since we shouldn’t assume what the enemy will do)

The current pathfinding doesn’t assume that the units will get rebuilt, it doesn’t even see any Remove “units”.
When the enemy removes a unit, you cannot see it until the round started and when the round ends, the units will already be removed before your algo’s on_turn function gets called.

To see if an enemy removed a unit, you have to look into the action phase in algocore and create an instance of game_state in the first frame of that phase. After that you have to remove the units in the game_map that are flagged with pending_removal == True.

thank you for the info. yes it seems there was just something wrong with my code