Feature Request: Off-ladder apgo's

Hi Everybody!

My third feature request of the day and then I’ll stop.

I would like the option to upload algorithms that are not immediately thrown on the ladder. There are two instances where this could be very useful.

First, when debugging an error in the code. There is no reason to spar a bugged algorithm on the ladder, but it might be uploaded to find the bug in a spar.

Secondly, I personally maintain an algorithm that I want to be good, and then a set of simple algorithms that are hardcoded to create problems for my main algo (e.g. corner attack, encrypted PING rush, hardcoded maze strat). However, there are only six spots for algo’s so I have to switch around all the time to stress test my algo. Not only that, but I cry everytime my main algo on the ladder is sparred against my own algo that I specifically designed to beat my main algo ;).


You could run the match locally (see the README.md in the starter kit)

Yeah that could work.

I tried to do that on windows for about half a day, and couldn’t get it to work.
I couldn’t manage to get the example algo to compete against itself. The program hangs and no error to work with. I then gave up on the idea of running this thing locally.

I remember having similar issue at the beginning, I think i solved it by replacing “py -3 $algoPath”
by “py $algoPath” in starter-algo/run.ps1

Also you could try to re-download the starter kit, maybe the problem was solved

Thanks for the suggestions, I will retry a local attempt when I have time.

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Ill share this post with the team.