Encryption visualization change?

Not sure if I have missed this somehow but looks like the visualization has changed for encryption?

Frame 196: https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/698137

8 pings travel near encryptors and their vizual encryptor “halo” disappears after few turns. So far so good.

One of them gets shot and “halo” reappears

I was under impression that if units move together, they should all get the same amount of encryption and once it has depleted due to turn based depletion, it should not reappear.
Can someone please shed a light on what is happening here?

I definitely see how this can be confusing. The halo represents the encryption of the ‘top’ ping in the stack. As it shrinks, it indicates that the ‘shield’ of the top ping is being reduced. This can happen due to decay, but also due to enemy attacks. Because enemies will only attack the ‘top’ unit in a stack of identical units, the shields of the units can be ‘out of sync’ so when the top ping dies and the one below it is revealed it will have more shields


Ok, got it, so it is just me, thanks

Does targeting take into account the added stability by encryptors? (choosing the unit with lowest stability) so that if a EMP was to get enough encryption than a (not encrypted) ping, will the destructors target the ping or the EMP?

Total health is used. A vulnerable ping will be targeted before a heavily encrypted EMP

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