Each Algo upload taking up 2 slots

Whenever I upload a new algo, it takes 2 additional slots rather than one. If I have 1 algo uploaded, I have 9 slots free, and if I have 2 algos uploaded, I only have 7 slots left. I didn’t really care earlier on, but now I have 5 algos uploaded, and only one slot left. I can, and likely will remove some of them if I need space, but it is nice to have multiple algos uploaded at once so that I can see how different approaches work.

Does anybody have the same problem, or an idea of how to fix it?


There are actually only six available slots. What you are experiencing is just an UI issue.
@Tim This was already asked and answered here if you want to have more information.

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Oh, that makes sense. Thank you.

Ya we have been aware of this bug but its a super low priority since its a fairly minor visual bug. It should be a relatively low cost fix though and I hate letting these things sit for a while so i’ll probably look into it soon.