"Could not Spawn..." in local execution

I constantly get messages like “SAPlayer 1 svenfinke_static_1: Could not spawn DF at location [16, 13].” when I run the starter script locally. It seems like the game is acutally running and the bots are spawning units, but the messages make it quite hard to debug stuff…

Any ideas on the reason why I get these or how to get rid of the messages?

Ya that’s a warning you can turn off just look for this line and uncomment it in algo_strategy.py:

#game_state.suppress_warnings(True) #Uncomment this line to suppress warnings.

That message means that your algo tries to build a destructor at [16,13] but can’t. The reason why it is impossible can be that your algo doesn’t have enough ressources or that there is already a firewall at [16,13].

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