Collapsed main nav menu missing the "My Algos" button

I have a small annoyance with the menu when I’m viewing on mobile / resized window.

The “my algos” link in the top menu doesn’t exist in the menu’s collapsed form.

Of course, manually changing the url to /myalgos still works.


I suspect that’s by design and they are hiding menu items for pages that are not mobile friendly. But I definitely check that “my algos” page on my phone a lot to peek at match history. So hopefully they have plans to make it more mobile friendly at some point.

Yeah fair enough. Though IMO an ugly page is preferable over a non-existent page, and it’s not even that ugly.

Its not ugly, but if you open the link on mobile, you cannot see your current elo and the informations overall are not that easy to see. I for myself just coded something in Python to iterate over the leaderboard and pick my algo and print it out on my page.
But a mobile friendly site would be very cool, but not that easy to develop.