Can we make Algo Names Unique?

I would love to see the names of algos be required to be unique.

That could also be achieved by simply adding a suffix if the name already exists, similar to how Windows does it: instead of having the algos Truth_of_Cthaeh, Truth_of_Cthaeh, Truth_of_Cthaeh and Truth_of_Cthaeh, it would name them Truth_of_Cthaeh, Truth_of_Cthaeh (2), Truth_of_Cthaeh (3) and Truth_of_Cthaeh (4).

I am seeing different results against algos of the same name, but I know they are different because of elo and id. However, the id is not displayed in the UI and thus makes it hard to differentiate who the match was played against.

Having unique names for all algos would just help everyone identify the algos.


Shh, avert your eyes from my lazy uploading :rofl:


We are adding this to our backlog. We have a few possible solutions in mind, I like the one proposed by 8.

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