Bugreport : User Interface

today I found a tiny little bug, where something is displayed wrongly.

Im talking about the “My Algos” menu.
(btw. I love the new design with new features as well as the BEAUTIFUL low resolution support, good job guys, love you)
Back to topic:
I found the bug, as I was uploading my new whacky algo and I’ve noticed, shortly after upload I find my algo with the regular 1500 ELO, but 0 wins and 99 Losses, and the matches that are displayed as played are not related to the algo uploaded.

Surely this is a known bug, but I just wanted to mention that.

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I remeber this bug from a LONG time ago. What happens it all of your wins are displayed as losses but who you lost against is yourself. So its kind of like seeing your win from your opponent’s side of view. It also views all of the matches for every algo, even after you deleted them. (one more thing, if the maximum number of matches displayed is 200 now, why does it cap at 99?)

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We will investigate on monday, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

A few questions that will help us resolve this:
Does this happen often?
Do the matches fix themselves if you refresh the page?
Did you click from one algo to another while the replays are loading (I suspect attempting to load your match history while another algo’s match history is loading could cause issues)

We are going to make the replays into pages soon, which will reduce the load times and make it easier to navigate and may mitigate this issue if it is caused by the loading

Yeah so it happens to my all the time, when I upload an algo, but as you mentioned after a minute or so if i click to another algo and back its fixed, with the right matches.
As I said in the first place this is really a minor minor minor bug, which is totally fine with me, but i kinda wanted to get more active in the forum and support the devs, sooo xD

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Yeah same thing happens to me occasionally, I just spam the refresh and switch between algos until it fixes itself. Just confusing for a second to see a bunch of loses appear until you see your own name on most of them