Bug, algo rating is not refreshed

After the recent updates,
when you click between defferent algos, the matches and scores are updated,
their rating is not updated (12:1 games and the rating was showing 1500)

You need full Page reload to see the updated rating.
(the bug persist after page reload- just clicking does not update it, and you need full page reload for the new rating)

Is there a better place to report things like this ?

I’ll investigate this now. Is this a new issue that may have been introduced with the season 3 update?
Off the top of my head, I suspect that it is making a request to get the matches whenever an algo is clicked, but not a call to refresh the algo, and that this has been happening forever.

For now, the forum is the best option. I like this communication style as it lets other users easily see the state of an issue, and contribute to the discussion if they are having a similar problem. Its worked pretty well for now, so we will continue to use this strategy.

Of course, for any issues related to exploits or security, please message me or someone else on the team directly.

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