Are Alumni Eligible for School Based Contests?

With such a high prize for the upcoming Waterloo contest I’d be curious to know if alumni are eligible.

A similar question, I am a high school student, and I live fairly close to UW. I am also applying for it. However, I am still in high school, so the competitions screen is saying that I am not eligible. Will this change? It means that no high school students can enter the live competitions…

What does the text exactly state, that says you’re not eligible?
If you mean that text in the upper red box It should go away if you type in your full name. This is what c1ryan stated:

Sorry for the misscommunication, you do not need to upload a resume. For now, you just need to make sure all other fields on your profile are filled in: Your full name, display name, and email. We may add additional fields in the future

Edit: I just got into highschool (in germany) and took part in a lot of live competitions here already, so you should be fine.

This appeared when I added that I go to high school. Should I just unselect that?


Wait you’re trying to sign up for the waterloo competition?

I was hoping to, yes

Only students and teachers from the waterloo uneversity can sign up for that

So does the Waterloo competition work differently than the rest of the live competitions? As a high school student, how do I enter live competitions?

Well incase of a global competition you can you click on it and choose an algo to participate in the top left corner, often however there are some local competitions where only members of that school or university can join.

For the live competitions, you mentioned that you had entered some as a high school student… how did that happen?

I clicked on the competition and then in the top left corner it says join and you Click on that. If you need an example go to competitions and then select past (top right) then go on for example 2018 final and in the top left corner there it should say join. You will in this cas not be able to join, since the competition is already over but if there is an upcoming one (there isnt right now) thats how you would do it

I have joined competitions, I mean for the live ones

Sorry I do not understand what you mean by that

Never mind, I heard about it in twitch.

Just to try to clear things up though…

I was wondering about whether high school students could enter the live (in person) competitions (the university ones). Apparently, high schools currently aren’t involved, but they are considering expanding there in the future.

Im going to have the events team look at this.

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K, guess we had a kind of mistunderstanding here :joy: